20-24 September 2021
US/Pacific timezone

What's going on with cilium/ebpf?

22 Sep 2021, 08:40
Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room (LPC Virtual)

Networking and BPF Summit/Virtual-Room

LPC Virtual

Networking & BPF Summit (Closed) BPF & Networking Summit


Timo Beckers (Isovalent) Lorenz Bauer (Cloudflare) Nate Sweet (Isovalent)


Since the library was last presented at LPC 2019, a lot has changed.
eBPF is now seemingly on everyone's radar, the eBPF Foundation is a thing,
and more people are using and writing Go-based tools and services than ever.
What does this mean for the library and the ecosystem around it? Who uses it,
who's been contributing, and which use cases does the library enable today?

In this talk, we'll mainly discuss the following topics:
- Short overview of known users and open-source projects that depend on the library
- Features added since 2019 (BTF, CO-RE, bpf-link, trace/kprobe/uprobe, lazy-loading, examples/, ...)
- The road to an eventual 1.0 and parity with libbpf
- Q&A session open to the community

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Primary authors

Timo Beckers (Isovalent) Lorenz Bauer (Cloudflare) Nate Sweet (Isovalent)

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