24-28 August 2020
US/Pacific timezone

Update on the BPF support in the GNU Toolchain

26 Aug 2020, 09:30
GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room (LPC 2020)

GNU Tools track/Virtual-Room

LPC 2020

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Jose E. Marchesi (GNU Project, Oracle Inc.)


In 2019 Oracle contributed support for the eBPF (as of late renamed to just BPF) in-kernel virtual architecture to binutils and GCC. Since then we have continued working on the port, and recently sent a patch series upstream adding support for GDB and the GNU simulator.

This talk will describe this later work and other current developments, such as the gradual introduction of xbpf, a variant of BPF that removes most of the many restrictions in BPF, originally conceived as a way to ease the debugging of the port itself and of BPF programs, but that can also be leverated in non-kernel contexts that could benefit from a fully-toolchain-supported virtual architecture.

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Primary author

Jose E. Marchesi (GNU Project, Oracle Inc.)

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